Build a lean, muscular

body you can

keep all year round.

Training & nutrition program with personalised feedback.

NO counting calories, NO cutting carbs, NO marathon workouts.

“Training with Dave was amazing. He was able to customise my nutrition and training and helped me create lasting results. What I like about Dave is he didn’t try to motivate me. He left that part up to me, creating accountability for my own actions. He was simply able to give me the information at the right time and make sure I was on the right track and fully understanding what I was learning. Someone can give you all the answers, but it’s still up to you to put it into practice. So the combo of a mentor like Dave and some self discipline, you can achieve excellence.”

Simon Tetley

Greg Tyler

"I'm so relieved that I can keep and maintain these results without following a complicated diet, cutting carbs or counting calories. You don't even need to do marathon workouts!"

"As far as Dave goes - the best trainer I've ever had, and I've had a few. Nobody else could give you better focus and keep you accountable. "As someone who could be the poster boy for yo-yo dieting, it was pretty important for me to find some key traits in my trainer. The best trainers are able to find out what makes a client tick and what will work for them."

Nick Scudds

Anthony Ferrante

"Obstacles will come in any body transformation. The best thing to do is align yourself with someone that gives you the support and knowledge to get you to the next level. Trish 'n Dave do that, and more!"

Chris Dean

"Training with Scoliosis has been a major challenge for me. But with the right training program and being taught how to build a clear and simple nutrition plan, I have been able to achieve some great results easily and quickly. I don't feel like I'm on a diet, It's just something I do everyday now"

"My 2017 was pretty high-flying as I started a fancy new job. Plenty of not-so-healthy lunches, dinners and drinks found their way back into my weekly routine. I was settling in, trying to be sociable with my new colleagues as I made new friends.

By the end of the year, many of my old ways and habits had crept back while I wasn't looking, and I'd started to fall back to my body again.

I looked in the mirror one day and was horrified. I realised I needed to reach out to Trish. I think I said it to her pretty simply at the time: "Hi Trish, long time no speak, I think I need some coaching again". It was then that I committed to a full 2018 of working with the Ab Factory."

Nick Lee

"Accountability cuts straight through your natural wanting to bend and shape the rules to suit you, and creates the clearest path to success.

As trainers I think it’s easy to get lazy and 'think' we know what we're doing. Accountability is essential to any transformation, that's why I'm accountable to my coach Trish."

Pete Brown

"You've probably seen enough of the slick marketing in the weight loss industry that is directly aimed at us all. Abs in just 28 days, get you ultimate beach body in just 6 weeks, lose 15kg in just 12 weeks....... these big promises, as unrealistic as they appear, catch out millions of people each year. And yes, I've fallen for these programs in the past too. THEY DON'T WORK - I found out the hard way and I'm sure you've been burned before too.

You see, if you have struggled with your weight for a long time like I have you get to a point where you lose all common sense and are basically willing to try anything.

The key to losing weight long term is to hold onto your common sense, take a common sense approach and give yourself time, time to achieve success.

The journey is never straight forward, there will be progression, regression, self-doubt, pride in your achievements and everything in between."

Troy Willems

If You've Struggled To Create The Muscular, Lean And Athletic Silhouette You've Always Dreamed Of, Then This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For.  

You too can have access to the methods we use to create a lean, muscular body and to keep it, year-round. Our clients are given hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for hundreds of real men from all walks of life.

We won't be leaving you to follow uneducated PDF emails, instead we'll educate you and make you work for it! 

When you join us, we promise you that we will:

  • Prescribe a training program for YOUR schedule;
  • Prescribe a training program for YOUR needs;
  • Provide you with simple meal construction guidelines so you can build your own meal plan based on YOUR requirements; and
  • Be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey. 


Our customised online training program is a comprehensive and holistic in approach, and include the following services:

How It Works:

This program is guaranteed to help you create the your best body shape!

Healthy Meal construction guidelines

Personalised Training Program with Videos

Weekly LIVE Coaching



An initial consultation (via Facebook Messenger or in person) to delve into your specific health and fitness goals and training history, as well as find out if we are the right fit for each other.

A safe and highly effective training program with videos based on your schedule and limitations.

Together we will build a weekly nutrition plan based on your requirement to maximise your results.

No silly PDF files to follow, you get REAL and personalised feedback from me each week as you work your way through the online tasks.

Access to my private Facebook group for motivational support.

My personal email for the ultimate 24/7 email support and guidance.

You Will Also Receive

A beautifully presented resource manual complete with Metabolic Priming, Metabolic Nutrition Timing, The Metabolically Precise Meal Construction System, The Kitchen Makeover System, The 10 Point Exercise System, Over 50 Ways to Eat to leave your blubber! How to monitor your plan without counting a single calorie!

The MP Cookbible gives you over 175 gourmet-quality recipes that optimise health and fat loss results. 

Turn your car, IPod or Mp3 into a rolling university! Learn the Principles of Success, the steps to creating a great plan, how to nutritionally accelerate recovery after exercise, boost energy during workouts and trigger rapid changes in body shape.

"I have a saying, lots of people are certified in the fitness industry but there aren’t too many that are qualified. You can sit in a classroom all day and talk about what to do, but it’s experience that counts. You wouldn’t hire a builder to build you a house if they were super-qualified but had never actually built a house, would you?

You can have all the knowledge in the world but you can’t fake passion and you can’t fake practising what you preach. If you lead a balanced healthy lifestyle everyday then your body shape will reflect it and you will keep the result without trying, and eventually without even thinking. No ifs, not buts"

Dave Oulton 

"We don’t train for fun, we train for results. We don’t do what’s enjoyable, we do what’s proven to be effective. We don’t do what makes you feel good in the short term, we do what will benefit you in the long term.

Everything you do has to have a purpose. Everything you do has to be for a reason. Everything you do should be for a particular result. And that result and achievement is what should bring you happiness and satisfaction"

Trish Veugelaers


We don't take just anyone! We need to be right for you, and you need to be right for us. 

Simon Tetley

No Gimmicks. Real People. Real Results!

Greg Tyler

"So many men think they have to train everyday to achieve great results, and they don’t have to!"


Dave and Trish are Transformation, Athletic Conditioning Specialist and Sports Nutritionists. 

Dave is a dad of a two young boys, former British Soldier of 9 years. He has an extensive event portfolio completing Iron-mans, numerous ultra marathons and 24 hour obstacle races in Australia and across the globe, as well as staying in shape all year round.

Trish is a WFF Miss Universe and pro athlete with an extensive background in competing. She specialises in teaching men and women how to stay lean and healthy all year round, WITHOUT needing to ever compete or step on stage. 

Both Dave and Trish have coached and motivated thousands of women to change their lives, achieve their best shape ever and actually start loving working out and eating healthy. 

We're not here to muck around. We're here to transform lives and get results. If the following description sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

  • You're no stranger to hard work but you've struggled with building a lean, firm body;
  • You've tried diets, training apps, memberships etc and nothing seems to stick or work;
  • You don't need motivation but you do need accountability and structure;
  • You don't know where to start and need someone who has been there and done it themselves to show you the way;
  • You're ready to take action and put yourself first;
  • You're willing to commit to 6-12 months of accountability;
  • You're can commit to 2-4 training sessions a week at your gym (we'll help you find one if you don't have one!); and
  • You're ready to step it up and really take your results to the next level.

Who we are looking to work with...

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